I Have The Sun, It’s A Star, Why Should I Refuse It?

Today is one of those days. I woke up at around one and it didn’t get good from there. Louie ran off with my bike leaving me at home wanting to work out because I thought working out closed at 4:30 but in all reality that’s when the trainer leaves. Anyways I was upset and throwing a fit that he took my bike and then me and my mom got in a little fuss and it sucked. I really hate fighting with my mom because she doesn’t deserve that. I just need to be more respectful and watch my mouth. Anyways after that Louie came home and I rode my bike to the Y where I worked out for two hours. I came home, my mom was chill and so was and we ate. Now I’m sitting here and it’s going on seven and I need to take a shower but I’m not going to yet. My mom’s old friend Wendy is supposed to be coming down from Michigan and staying the night. I miss Wendy, we used to have a lot of fun together. Her daughter Juanita used to be my best friend. One time, we were hanging out at her house and we went to the park with these two huge gigantic balloons up our shirt and then we pretended we got into an arguement and we took needles and popped eachothers and everyone just stared at us. It was funny. I miss being young and having old friends. Man, I love my old friends. Even though every friend I had was older than me. That makes me miss them a lot. My two favorite older friends ever are Marlee Steele and Heather Ore. Oh and there was this one girl Michelle that used to be obsessed with cows and when I moved she gave me her favorite one (she was like…in her twenties). Aw, I miss you guys wherever you are.
God bless and take care as always.
OH, and I hope God answers some big prayers I have soon! I’ll be finding out soon enough but I figure that I’m asking for too much and there are much more deserving people…but I hope he gives me a chance.

3 Responses to “I Have The Sun, It’s A Star, Why Should I Refuse It?”

  1. wow that lady 😛

  2. is hott


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